Curio Cubes was born from my nostalgia for home as I traveled the world and pursued opportunities far away. I grew up in rural Ohio and when I am away I can often smell the autumn leaves, feel the electricity on a Saturday morning before an Ohio State game, or hear the sound of a tractor plowing a field.   While I travel and work far from where I came, I always keep a buckeye on my desk. This led me to make the first Curio Cube.

Curio Cubes is our way of extending that love for home into the finest display products, and doing so we inspire and empower people.

So how do we do this? Our stories and products inspire people with possibilities: to travel, proudly represent their home, and accomplish things through inspiration and pride. Curio Cubes allows people to display their pride and recognize life achievements.

Our customers are proud of where they are from and display that pride through their hard work. In a world where people often move and travel, Curio Cubes provides a tiny but important piece of home.

It all boils down to this: We’re a company that finds meaning by helping people display their pride for home; through stories and a common bond. No one ever said this is easy. But it is infinitely more rewarding than anything else.

- Geoffrey Lawson, Founder / CEO

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